Ever been ghosted? Ever been the ghost?

In 2019 it’s very easy to talk to people.

Pick up your phone: there are millions of people crammed in there ready to talk to, However this level of distance means that as soon as you put your phone down you are alone again.

This is the problem; you don’t need to tell someone you aren’t talking to them anymore to their face, they aren’t around so you just don’t. This is called ghosting, and you have absolutely done it, It’s because we are humans, we are flawed and we don’t want to cause ourselves any pain so we just let the problem slide under the rug where we leave all the other problems to move around under the rug like a weird spooky blob.

In my life I have been ghosted, it sucks. 
It sucks more when its the elusive professional ghost.
These can come in different guises, today I’ll talk about two:

The Ghost of Invoices Past

Anyone who is a freelancer or has a business knows this one, you send an invoice with terms and then POW they are gone, you start sending slightly differently worded emails, each with a little more pressure, liberal use of the word ‘interest’ and nothing. No answer.


The best course of action is to work out how long your terms are and then gradually send emails and call weekly and if it gets to it daily. If it gets really bad start posting recorded letters to their business, after you have all these details gather them together and its time to head to small claims. I’m very lucky to have not had to go this far. I’ll say this particularly for small businesses: Get. a. Lawyer. They are great when on your side!

The Mid-Project Ghost

Ahh the mid project ghost, everything is going well you are getting responses, they love your first route! They pick an option and ask for some changes! Then no response!

Screenshot 2018-12-13 at 13.13.13.png

This has happened a couple of times to me and sometimes its for legitimate reasons, the account manager has moved from the job, the client had to stop a crisis. However when this happens its best to have the contingency plan in place, make sure that you always split the cost out for big jobs: half upfront and half on completion. This means you are protected if something like this happens and means you aren’t thrown in the deep end when your time has been used up on a project without pay, you are worth more than that!

This blog was a thinly veiled attempt to create content around a Despicable Me meme I made.