Gaming Zen - How to win inner peace

Okay It’s the second of January, This title was a little too clickbaity for my liking. However the topic seems appropriate and i want to get some clicks in right at the start of the year.

Let’s talk about meditiation.

For the last 73 days I have been using an app to get inner peace (without referring to it all the time I know how ridiculous I sound and will continue to sound throughout this post.)

I haven’t been talking about it too much, mostly because I know how it sounds to others, see: talking about dreams, podcasts, something your cat did. (Actually I would like to hear about what your cat did)

I have been meditating with the help of the app Calm, It has impacted my life in the most profoundly positive way.

I started out using the free trail of headspace, I had found myself at home alone for a week and decided to try and get myself into a routine, I had wanted to for a while but had no idea how and after many failed attempts to I wanted to see if meditation was a thing I could a) do and b) continue to do. I continued with Calm because of the age old reason - it was cheaper.


I believe its actually the gamification of the app that made me continue, I am on a 73 day streak mostly because the app tells me I am, its what helped me build out the rest of my morning and helped me slow my life down a bit first thing.

If you have seen any of the blogs I have written here you will know that I talk about being flawed a lot so for context here is what a regular morning used to look like for me

7.30-8.00am - wake up, always a bit too late

8.00-8.10am - shower as fast as possible

8-10-8.30am - try to drink a coffee whilst putting on clothes

8.30-9.30 - jump on my bike or run to the tube and get to wherever I was working

That’s one hour of condensed stress, no time to reflect, no time to breathe.

Now my morning looks like this (usually..)

5.30am Wake up

5.50am get to the gym

5.50-6.50am work out

7.00am come home and meditate

7.15-8.00am get ready, shower, have a coffee

Now I know 5.30 is awful, it truly almost always is, but its so much better to get up and get moving than wake up at 7.30 a groggy mess. If anything you are groggier earlier so it goes away by the time you leave for work. Science, probably.

Take all this with a HUGE pinch of salt - honestly do what you feel is best for you. If I wake up late, or am ill, or convince myself I’m a lazy lump I’ll grab 10 mins of a lunch break to meditate or do it just before bed.

Meditation has helped me shape my morning, boy do I love a routine, it has also helped me shape how my mind deals with problems, It has helped me become more aware of my emotions and helps me acknowledge them before proceeding. It has made me just a bit happier, which I don’t think is ever a bad thing.

You can try Calm for free here -

and you can get a free 7 day trail of headspace here -
(they are offering a 40% discount for 2019 - that’s way cheaper than calm)