Death of the Logo

A logo is not an island, it isn’t the be all and end all of brands. The most successful brands build themselves and get notoriety for a whole host of reasons, for example: great UX, tone of voice, exceptional colour palette, ambassador activity, having really great people running the company.

oh. hello.

oh. hello.

It’s understandable that the Slack logo reveal is a big deal to designers, a lot of creative agencies use slack to communicate and it’s a really excellent resource for keeping teams connected.

It’s interesting to me to see that the people who work in design are always so quick to judge when they are the best people to understand the situation the designers of a rebrand are in. It’s hard. It’s a slog. It takes so. much. time. Garrett Miller, From Slack, goes into a bit more of what’s entailed in his thread here:

The weight that words have on the internet seems small to the person writing them, without taking into account how big those words can feel to the person they are directed at.

Im not saying criticism is bad, it’s integral to making design better, however its so easy to slip into the comforting warmth of a negative comment. I’ve absolutely done it before.

I’ll give you an example. Pentagram redesigned the Battersea Dog’s and Cat’s home identity nearly a year ago now, I have worked on and off with the team there to help implement this identity across their brand. Every old piece of signage, letters, uniforms, direct mail, you name it, it needed to be changed. When the redesign came out I was indifferent, sure it was new, but did it work? From working on the inside I can safely say It absolutely does, It freshened up the look of a heritage brand and strengthened their expertise, It’s incredible to see how the identity is flourishing in the hands of their talented in house team.

Screenshot 2019-01-22 at 15.24.00.png

All of this would be something I would have little to no idea about had I not worked there, I saw the logo reveal, I had instant opinions, I forgot about it.

That’s the danger of logo reveals, they almost always give you a negative thought to do with a brand and then you don’t see the progress after the fact. Maybe it’s time to lose logo reveals all together?