The Compassion Revolution - Case Study


I worked with popular YouTuber Alayna Fender on her brand Identity for ‘Compassion Revolution’ her mindfulness teaching brand.

There was a logo already, which could be changed entirely, however having that in place was a great stepping off point. I asked questions to begin with including what the brand was about, where they wanted it to go and what kind of visual style they liked as well as brands that were aspirational to her.

Having the aspirational brands and some idea of the kind of style that was required, I started researching, I choose areas from the answers and build on them as well as getting an idea of some colour palettes and visual styles along the way. My research usually has me picking things I like for any small reason, it could be as big as the whole structure of a piece or as small as the line thickness on a logo.

Alongside the research I will be sketching out ideas and shapes, I’ll then try and get something to fit together with my research and refer back to the answers to see if I’m on the right track.

When I build my first round of ideas I’ll work up my sketches to a point where I have up to three robust options to choose from. I’ll set these out in a presentation, first of all in black and white - I’ll do this to give each option the same chance, if I throw colour in now there are too many variables and the logo has to work on its own first without colour before it can be built into a full brand.


With this round I’ll write my reasons why each logo is the way it is, and I’ll ask for responses with pointers like what did you like, didn’t like, why do you like them etc

Round 2 is refining the logo based on the clients feedback, In this instance, two logos were liked and I was asked to incorporate them together. This worked well as they were similar looking and had a theme that gelled together well. At the same time showed how this logo could be applied across some different areas and introduced colour.


Round 3 and 4 then were refining the style more, this was through some concerns about the number of sun rays, I also redrew the shape out to get the structure right.


Finally the completed package was delivered as the separate assets in all colours and file formats, as well as a PDF to show how to apply the logo and suggestions on imagery and colour codes.


The result is a logo that has a welcoming circular shape and shows a sun rising in the back brining the dawn of a new day, the leaves at the front curled together to show that mindfulness and compassion go together hand in hand and the earthy bright tones of the palette keep everything grounded.

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