How to be chaotic minimal

My life is based around keeping everything minimal.
less stuff, less choices, more freedom. In theory.

However I’m not a shiny airbrushed Instagram influencer, things creep up without noticing and that stellar Pinterest worthy morning routine can be broken by eating a cookie for breakfast, forgetting to put coffee grounds in your keep cup, sipping on hot water and wearing what you are 80% sure are yesterdays socks. 

Ladies, Gentlemen and everyone in between, my morning.

Ladies, Gentlemen and everyone in between, my morning.

For example, I recently found myself in a place where I had a gap that I wanted to use to find new clients or take on a new project.

So I did a few things;

I reached out to some old clients via email
I reached out to some potential new clients via email
I started this blog (not too much work at all..)
I scoured Twitter, Instagram, even (shudder) LinkedIn for the inkling of a lead.
I asked friends
I did not ask family (never work for family. The golden rule of design)

websiteArtboard 1 copy 2blog.png

Then I wait.
I wait some more.
Before long I fully freak out and think I’ll never get work again.
So I start the whole routine over, again, and again.

Out of this bleak crisis cave of my own creation, to my utter surprise jobs start coming in
proposals! Small logo jobs! Websites! Can you make me a flyer for my friends party? (No mum, no I can't) Guest blog posts! 

Actually the last one is a lie, but you have to put out in the world what you want from it. The secret and all that.


websiteArtboard 1 copyblog.png

I think my point is this, 

I can hold it together up to a point and then I get too comfortable, take on more and more things until my beautiful minimal life is catapulted into the giant pile of things to do and little time to do them, like some sort of self sabotaging time hoarder.

Life has a way of working out, however giving life a bit of a nudge when it’s not can't hurt. 

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Of course with a little wiggle room and planning everything can get done, (google calendar is my best friend) I’m not here writing this to sugar coat that freelancing dream of getting home at 6 and playing video games in a pristine flat whilst eating a kale salad whilst you rake in your cushy day rate.

Every freelancer has done a late late shift or pulled an 18 hour day once in a while and finished it all off with a shame deliveroo, but keeping yourself accountable and giving yourself a tiny breather to plan can make all the difference.

Keep it simple, don’t freak out and put coffee grounds in before water, for the love of god.

Thank you for reading, 
Catch you next time.